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Want deeper intimacy?

Not anymore.

Conversations hand selected by relationship expert, Caitlin V, to spark fun and intimate conversations you never thought to needed.

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Want Deeper Intimacy?
Not Anymore.

Spark Conversations


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Spark conversations and deepen your connection

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Your relationship with love us.

"The Spark Card Deck has been a relationship game changer." - Madison h.

Because Couples That Play Together, Stay Together

Soul Connection in a new and exciting way

The ONLY couples card game developed by a relationship expert! Caitlin V has worked with hundreds of couples to repair their relationships, improve communication, and increase intimacy…

These cards are purposely designed to make you closer!

72-Day Money Back Guarantee

What Couples Are Saying...


My partner and I love asking each other question from this prompt deck. They are fun and thought provoking. I find us talking for hours using only a few cards. Caitlin V’s expertise is unmatched.

– Ash T. From Wyomning

We use these for Date nights but I have found them perfect for road trips and perfect in the morning when we are looking to connect before we both leave for work. I give Caitlin V a lot of credit here. Money well spent.

– Mia R.

My partner and I love it! In both our previous relationships, we both felt that communication could have been improved, and this enables us to do so. We are able to remember what we love about each other and what is most important us.

– Julie K.

Fall In Love All Over Again With SPARK Questions

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The Spark Deck

Connect with new conversations

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Frequently Asked Questions

While couples love bringing out the Spark Relationship Card Deck on date night, we think it can go way beyond that! Use these questions as a prompt to spark an interesting conversation with your date, your partner, or even close friends.

You bet! We’re so confident you’re going to LOVE the Relationship Card Deck that we want you to play with it for a full 72 days. If you don’t feel like the cards have helped improve your communication or your relationship in some way, just send the cards back for a full refund, minus shipping. The video cards are yours to keep!

Good question! We know there are other card games out there for couples. But if you read a lot of their reviews, the #1 complaint about most of them is the questions sparked negative conversations with their partner…and left many couples fighting! This happens when the questions aren’t designed to encourage openness…

So we did things differently. Caitlin has worked with thousands of couples and knows what types of questions inspire closeness and growth. Our card game won’t leave you fighting! Instead, you’ll be asking fun but important questions that spark REAL connection.

Follow the video prompts to connect with your partner in even MORE ways! These 10 short exercises — some are only a minute long — incorporate touch and sound into the activity so you can bond even further. From tantra breath-work to eye gazing, you’ll learn how to ask for what you want, practice saying ‘no’ with love, and praise your partner effectively.

Caitlin V Neal, MHP, is an intimacy and relationship coach who helps men and women have the best relationship of their lives. Formerly a sexual health researcher and policy analyst, she was catapulted into internet stardom after one of her videos went viral.

For the past decade, Caitlin has empowered thousands of couples from more than 150 countries with her expert knowledge, scientific approach, and bubbly personality. Her YouTube channel reached more than 300,000 subscribers and 35 million views after just 3 years of production.

Caitlin’s been featured on a myriad of publications, including the likes of Healthline, Shape, Popsugar, OprahMag, and Bustle. She’s also made appearances on How to Talk to Girls with TrippAdvice, Marni Kinrys’s Ask Women, Dr. Cat Meyer’s “Eat.Play.Sex” podcast, Spark Joy Podcast, and many more.

She’s shared her knowledge and expertise with audiences at TEDx Youth at Wrigleyville, the Super Tasty Show with Karen Yates, The Academy of Event Medicine, and at Pechakucha Night Chicago.

You get 150 questions in the deck but you don’t need to go through all of them in one sitting! The idea is to use them as prompts to spark a conversation. And since they’re conversation starters — you might find the conversation moves in a whole new direction after just a couple of questions.

Take your time! There’s no time limit or pressure to answer every question. Just relax and let the conversation flow.

72 Day Money Back Guarantee- FREE SHIPPING IN THE USA

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Based on 140 Reviews

72 Day Money Back Guarantee- FREE SHIPPING IN THE USA

Why's are these questions different?

The #1 complaint about most card decks for couples is that the questions spark negative conversations…and leave many couples worse than when they started!

These poorly thought-out questions actually cause damage to a relationship.

So we did things differently.

72-Day Money Back Guarantee

How much do you really know about your partner?

“Tell me the biggest lesson that having a broken heart has taught you...”

You might not ask your partner questions like this on a typical dinner date…

But with the Relationship focused Spark Card Deck, it’s all fair game!

Over 150 of questions that bring your closer together. Developed by Relationship Coach Caitlin V, get you opening up about everything from your favorite couple role models to what you love in bed…

It’s the date night game and conversation starter purposely designed to make you feel closer and more connected to your partner!

Enjoy The Spark Deck For 72 Days

100% Absolute Satisfaction Guaranteed

Not all guarantees are created equal.

We give you a full 72 days to try the card deck for free.

If you don’t think the cards helped you connect with your partner or improved your relationship, or even if you just don’t want them anymore, then email us.

No Questions Asked!


“After dinner we open a bottle of wine and pull three cards. The relationship deck compliments us perfectly. Love how easy and fun it is to learn everything about my wife.”


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Designed by World Renowned Relationship Expert, Caitlin V

Transforming relationships in a new and exciting way

Caitlin V is a Relationship Expert. Speaker in TEDx and a prominent personality on social media, where she is dedicated to helping couples to have the best relationships of their lives both in and out of the bedroom.

Her YouTube channel, Caitlin V, shares her expert relationship advice. It has been viewed over 75 million times in over 150 countries.