150 Thoughtful Prompts to a Happier, Healthier, and More Intimate Relationship

Intimacy Prompt Deck


Intimacy Prompt Deck
Intimacy Prompt Deck
Intimacy Prompt Deck
Intimacy Prompt Deck
Intimacy Prompt Deck
Intimacy Prompt Deck
Intimacy Prompt Deck
Intimacy Prompt Deck
Intimacy Prompt Deck
Intimacy Prompt Deck
Intimacy Prompt Deck
Intimacy Prompt Deck
Intimacy Prompt Deck
Intimacy Prompt Deck
Intimacy Prompt Deck
Intimacy Prompt Deck
Intimacy Prompt Deck
Intimacy Prompt Deck
Intimacy Prompt Deck
Intimacy Prompt Deck
Intimacy Prompt Deck
Intimacy Prompt Deck
Intimacy Prompt Deck
Intimacy Prompt Deck
Intimacy Prompt Deck
Intimacy Prompt Deck

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Intimacy Prompt Deck


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  • Carve out Quality Time
  • Speak each other's Love Languages
  • Deep fun filled connection 
  • Spice things up in a new way

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150 Thoughtful Prompts for Great Relationships

  • Quality Time - In a digital world our version of quality time has changed but the truth is they don't meet our needs 100%. Having fun, laughing and getting to know each other in deep meaningful ways can only happen through discovery. the Intimacy Prompt game gives you instant connection.
  • Couples that play together stay together - Playing keeps you young. Helps you from taking life so seriously. That is one of the graces of having a partner in life. You have your one person to explore life together.
  • Intimacy Safe Prompts - Not all questions are created equal. We spent hundreds of hours crafting the perfect questions that are "fight proof" while still be engaging. This kind of care is because of the expertise of Caitlin V.
  • Strengthen the Relationship - Over 140 questions and 10 video prompts were created to build intimacy and connection to the one you love. 
  • Play it Anywhere - You can explore the world and the Intimacy Card Game will enhance any experience. Taking them on road trips or plane flights make hours feel like minutes all while having the time of your life.

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  • STEP 1: Get Comfy and Face Eachother
  • STEP 2: Select a Card
  • STEP 3: Share Yourself
  • "The game is simple and that is why it's so effective. It melt away any friction in your relationship giving you the chance to love your partner in new ways."

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The only Intimacy card deck you will every need.

140 Relationship Expert-Approved Question Cards

Hours of fun and prompts that are "fight proof"

Deep Meaning Connection

Learn more about each other and never get

Games for hours

A Fun Way to Fall in Love All Over Again!

10 Video Cards

Our customers loved cards! These are completely unique to our Intimacy Card Game. These fun and easy to do games create even more connection by connecting the heart to this fun and exciting game.

69 Day Money Back Gurantee

We will gladly refund you if this isn't the best relationship card deck you have ever purchased.

Travel Size

These are great at home however we love to bring them on road trips and plane flights.

Make Date Night Fun Again!

Grab the Intimacy Card Deck to reignite the spark...any day of the week!

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So many reasons to love intimacy

Intimacy by Caitlin V

Other Decks

Created by Relationship Expert

"Fight Proof" Prompts

10 Relationship Building Videos

Fast and Free Shipping

69 Day Money Back Guarantee

Because Couples That Play Together, Stay Together

It’s the ONLY couples card game developed by a relationship expert! Caitlin V has worked with hundreds of couples to repair their relationship, improve communication, and increase intimacy…

10 guided video for the deck. Create a new way to connect

We found that most cards cover the mental but not the physical. Yet connecting is about feeling your partner.

So we reviewed 10 of our favorite and fun games for connecting and included them in the Intimacy Card Game.

Follow the video prompts, relax, and discover a whole new side of your partner!

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About Caitlin V

Caitlin V Neal, MHP, is an intimacy and relationship coach dedicated to helping couples have the best relationship of their lives -- both in and out of the bedroom.  

  • 45+ million views helping people around the world
  • Over 10,532+ people have purchased several of her life changing courses on Intimacy and Relationships.
  • Caitlin has empowered thousands of couples from more than 150 countries with her expert knowledge, scientific approach, and bubbly personality. 
  • Formerly a sexual health researcher and policy analyst, she was catapulted into internet stardom after one of her videos went viral.

Our Journey

To Creating The Best Relationship Card Game

When you try to change the world or changing diapers. It's hard to make time to connect with your loved one. 

I created this card deck for two reasons.

First is was for my own relationship. We let our busy lives affect our marriage and after 6 years of being together we were on the rocks.

We both needed to make a change. I was researching ways to connect to my husband when I saw a card decks on instagram. It was a very popular card deck and it promised connection.

I thought, "why not. I am willing to try anything once" and I purchase one product.

Unfortunately, soon after it arrived. It wasn't a quality product. It was nice and very glossy.

It wasn't the accessories even though it did complicate getting to know someone.

What was missing is the content. The soul of the question was lacking and I felt like I had been promised a sport car but given the engine of golf cart.

Make look good but you aren't going anywhere fast.

I thought this was a fluke so I went to a popular store and purchased over a dozen similar products and I felt they all had the same product.

Like a bunch of marketing companies got together and pumped out products but didn't do the research on what questions make for a great relationship.

Here are three things I saw wrong in each of those other products

1. Dangerous Questions. Everyone has different levels of communication. Unfortunately every product I purchased has several "couch-sleeping" questions that land someone in relationship jail.

2. Too complicated or too simple. A Game is a fine line where you want to make it interactive to keep interest. However I felt each card deck lacked in the

3. 1 dimensional. Everyone of those games hit one note. This made the prompts get boring and lose the connecting.

After writing down my list. I thought. "I can do better."

After all, with my 5 years of coaching. A thriving Youtube Channel with over 400,000 subscribers.

This should be easy... lol

It wasn't. Turns out good questions create good relationships. These are easy to find. You can google them but if I wanted a great relationship. I needed to find the best questions.

So I collected over 8,495 questions and compiled them in a google sheet.

Then I went through every question and hand selected my favorites that build real intimacy and great relationships.

Now I needed to try them out.

My husband and I sat down one Saturday morning and read each question to each other. It took us several hours and I don't recommend this to you. We were just eager to see the results.

The results were good but not great. I found that most questions get boring after awhile.

So I looked at each question found several ways to make them even better. I increased the depth and the experience making sure each question was vital to having a great relationship.

It took me over 120 hours (thank you husband) but it was worth it!

This is how I started Tonight by Caitlin V and why each questions is vital to having a great relationship.

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